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The worldwide registered domains indiara., the INDIARA branding concept, the INDIARA design patent and the INDIARA trademarks are for sale.


INDIARA is digitally situated in these regions, countries and cities: (World)

Mumbai: (India)

New York: (USA)

Moskow: (Russia)

Beijing: (China, Peking)

Tokyo: (Japan)

Abu Dhabi: (Emirates)

Hong Kong:


Taipeh: (Taiwan)

Cape Town: (Africa)

Düsseldorf: (Germany)

Antwerp: (Belgium)

Geneva: (Switzerland, Genf)

Paris: (France)

Milano: (Italy)

Athens: (Greece)

Vienna: (Austria, Wien)

London: (Great Britain)

Lisbon: (Portugal)

Madrid: (Spain)

Amsterdam: (Netherlands)

Warsaw: (Poland)

Prague: (Czechia)

Copenhagen: (Denmark) (World / Business) (World / Information) (World / Internet) (World / Organisation) (World / Name) (World / Mobile)


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